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What are we about?

We are an international organisation seeking to bring people together, professionally and socially. We truly believe in the art  of human contact, in all its forms, and it was out of this notion that INSAC  was born.  Thus, we aim to connect, share, socialise, grow and develop.

INSAC is both a place, wherever we meet, and an idea to put people in touch with each other on a professional level. However, working without having fun does make your work somewhat dull, so INSAC  also seeks to create situation, through events, in which people can really be themselves and relax in the company of others. Such situations will no doubt  allow people to share; ideas, experiences, adventures, etc., creating a context in which we can all grow, develop and become a better version of ourselves.

We are convinced that we have the formula which will give each and every member and visitor to our events the right settings, atmosphere and opportunities to achieve what INSAC has set out for you to achieve.

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